o   You’ll learn what they don’t teach in Real Estate school. How to organize your business, your sphere of influence, your clients, your weekly schedule, your daily schedule, your time off and time on, when to say no, organizing finances, taxes and so much more. When you mentor and coach, you’ll learn in one year what normally takes 5 or more and you’ll get paid while doing it, instead of paying to do it.

o   Learn the anatomy of a lead and the timetable involved, how to respond, stay in touch and convert, what questions to ask to properly qualify and how to add value to their lives.

Professional Coaching with RRI
o   This isn’t cheap but it will cost you nothing. Get the immense benefit of belonging to one of North America’s premier coaching communities. If you’re on your own and starting out, you probably can’t afford this.

Use of Brokerage Office Space
o   There’s a cost to everything but as a team member, we’ve got you covered. Office space and furniture is provided and we encourage you to use it. This needs to be the space where you “get things done.”

Marketing Materials
o   You can spend a lot of time and money on marketing materials for your listings. The more time you spend on creating and producing your own materials, the less time you have to creatively lead generate. On our team, all materials are provided to not only promote your listings, but to promote YOU!

Advertising on Websites & Social Media
o   We don’t just advertise ourselves, we promote you. Your name and your face. This helps you to build recognition AND build a business faster.

Team Retreats
o   We do our best and most creative work when we’re undistracted. The retreats give us the opportunity to spend some uninterrupted time together brainstorming, planning and laying the groundwork for future growth and success.

Access to Health Benefits Plan
o   If you don’t have health benefits, you’ve come to the right place. We have a group policy in place if needed.

Team Coverage For Vacations & Time Off
o   Taking time away is one of the scariest things for the lone entrepreneur. You take a week or two off and it takes a month or more to get business generating again or, you’re ready to go and all of a sudden clients are coming out of the woodwork. With team support you can confidently take time away with the assurance your business is all being handled competently and professionally AND, at no cost to you!

Paperwork Management
o   This is one of the biggest time-wasters of all. On our team, you simply hand in your documents to our Team Admin and it’s off your plate!

Leadership Training
o   We want our team members to be leaders, not followers. We’ll provide the resources to nurture you in this direction.

Management Training
o   The sky's the limit. You may one day manage the team and others on it. You’ll be exposed to coaching and mentorship.

Sales Training
o   Professional coaching and one on one mentoring are provided. 
Social Media Training
o   We will provide you with material and instruction for maintaining your own pages.

Assistance With All Aspects of Building Your Business
o   Mentoring on building the 3 phases of your business: Before, During & After.

Use of Team CRM
o   Already set up for you with instructions on how to utilize & maintain your database.

Use Of Team Truck
o   Once you’ve had one, how did you ever survive without one?

Help In Creating & Maintaining A Business Plan Each Year
o   You’ll learn how to build your plan to achieve success, step by step.

Assistance In Building Your Business Within The Team Structure
o   This allows you to build a business within a business

Assistance In Building A Database Of Past Clients To Grow Your Business Each Year
o   Starting with your sphere of influence.

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