The Williams and Follows Service Guarantee
We make several guarantees to all our customers about how we work.

 The first is that we will always be on time. To us, respecting other people's time equates with respecting the person, would you agree? On the rare occasion we have an emergency.

 Our second guarantee is that we'll give you at least one hour's notice before canceling an appointment.
 Our third guarantee is to always return your calls when we say we will. Whenever you get our voice mail, you'll hear us explain our callback times for the day. You can count on us to get back to you in that time frame.

 A fourth guarantee is that we'll always tell the truth, even when it's not good news. We think it's critical that you have all the facts when you're making such important decisions, don't you?
 Our final guarantee is that we'll never pressure you into making a decision. As consultants, our job is to give you options and information. We are much more interested in developing a long-term relationship with you than in making a sale today.

-Keith Williams & Lisa C.Follows 

RE/MAX  Jazz Inc., Brokerage
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