Rightsizing Not Downsizing- With Your Project Managers of Life Transitions  Part 1 Newly Singles

By: Keith Williams, Lisa C. Follows & Kim Kelly

Rightsizing Not Downsizing- With Your Project Managers of Life Transitions Part 1 Newly Singles

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Rightsizing is the decision to change your residence for a new lifestyle to better fit your new circumstances and needs. It’s not always a case of downsizing into a smaller place but may in fact entail a similar size or even larger home of a different nature to meet your new circumstances.

We often think about these changes in relationship to our golden years and senior adult moves, but in reality, we see this more and more with newly singles, blended families, multi-generational living, and families with special needs. Each of these types of rightsizing endeavours involve sensitivity and assistance and often skillful project management of all the moving parts.

Our team has become quite specialized in handling what we’ve termed “Sensitive Transitions” where it requires a myriad of resources from start to finish, whether that be utilizing decluttering and auction house services, to pre-list repairs and painting, to relocation services, to packing and moving assistance, pre-inspections, and of course the real estate factor! We’re your project managers of life transitions. Seniors, Families with special needs, Multi-generational family living, Blended Families and Newly Singles all have their unique sensitivities and requirements to ensure things go smoothly. This blog will focus on the Newly Singles.
When the necessary decision is made to right size for the newly single adult often times the contemplation of dealing with rightsizing alone is quite daunting.  It is often at this point that the sheer enormity of the job becomes all too apparent. We want to ensure that your new beginnings are stress free, nurturing and relaxing. A place where you can focus on the positive road ahead, not what you’ve left behind.

 What do you need to know as a Newly Single Buyer?

  1.      Do you have all your personal accounting in order? Are all estate matters settled? Are there any items that might get in your way to success? Now’s the time to take care of those.
  2.      If you are separating, do you have a separation agreement in writing? It always seems highly invasive that this document needs to be shared. Your lender will ask for this and will want to see it. It is actually a crucial document that is the gateway to whether you can buy another property or sell the matrimonial home with the funds released.
  3.      If you’ve lost a spouse, have you tended to all that is needed to ensure deeds etc. are legally modified to reflect the changes? Do you need help with decluttering, removal of items and donations etc. to prepare for a sale? Families are often dispersed now and its sometimes difficult to get the physical support to execute this. That’s where our team has been able to help many navigate these difficult times
  4.      Have you been pre-approved with your new status? It may not be as easy to secure a mortgage as first thought. Lenders look at you differently after a divorce, even if you’re the one with great credit. Don’t get caught off-guard. Find out what you can afford before you start looking. If there is credit repair to be done there are steps that can be taken to get you where you need to be. Let’s set you up for success!
  5.      Look for a Realtor experienced with transitions such as yours.  Interview them, ask how often they do this kind of thing, check their references, find out what kind of resources they have. Do they offer a concierge program and what does that look like?
  6.      Once you’ve hired an agent, work with them like a partner. What are your “must-haves”, “must-not-haves” and “would-be-nice-to-haves”? Discuss your time frames with them and budget parameters (you’ll now this now having been pre-approved).
  7.      If you haven’t moved out yet, think carefully about what you want to take with you, what will fit in your new home, and what memories you want (or don’t want) to take along for the journey. Sell off, donate, give away, remove as many items that you don’t need or want. This will save you money on your moving expenses and it will allow you to start fresh in your new home.
  8.       Are there children to move? Finding out ahead about local groups and activities, counselling services etc. will allow you to be well prepared for any help you might need within your new community.
  9.      Pets feel the stress of a move too. Plan to have them stay with a friend on moving day to allow them a quiet day while things are underway. It will keep them from getting underfoot and it will allow them to settle into their new home much faster. Interviewing a few local veterinarians is a great idea too, and many have overnight options as well.

Have more questions? Let us know how we can help! We are your project managers of life transitions. We are here to help you make the right move. Williams and Follows Group, serving Durham Region, GTA, Kawartha Lakes, York Regions and Northumberland.




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