Micro, Macro and “Thanks” for good measure…

By: Keith Williams & Lisa C. Follows - Real Estate Brokers & Sam Awwadah - Sales Representative

Micro, Macro and “Thanks” for good measure…

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I’m going to steal. I was listening to a post by Tom Storey, a friend and Realtor in Toronto. It was about a question we Realtors hear just about every day; “How’s the market”?
I’ve written about this in the past but what gives me a chuckle is how we were taught to respond by the trainers in my early days in the industry in the previous Century. We were basically taught to always reply that the market was great and oh, by the way, I’m never too busy for your referrals! Ugh. But the point of Tom’s message was that the market is like the weather, which is never really good or bad per se but rather, are you appropriately dressed for it?
So, if the weather’s cloudy and rainy is that bad weather? Not to the farmer who’s just planted his crops. Snowstorms are great to snowboarders and sunny days are perfect for joggers. How we interpret the weather is dependent on our situations. It’s different strokes for different folks.
Real Estate has always been that way and it’s true even in a pandemic where our world is upside down. With prices easing a little it may be the perfect time for the first-time buyer to enter the market, or the move-up buyer, or even the move-down seller since prices tend to move in tandem or it might be a great time to sell for the seller in a certain price range where demand outstrips supply. We haven’t even touched on the investor market.
The headlines give us the big picture with big headlines intended to grab and shake us to our foundations. That’s the macro side of things but it’s the micro side that’s always been just as, if not more important. That’s why we always say real estate is localized. And we’ve said this many times before in previous articles. You need to focus on what’s happening in your market, on your street, in your neighbourhood and in your town.
Like the weather, the market is always good for somebody. It just matters what clothing you’re wearing. So, the next time you ask me how the market is and we say “great,” you’ll know what we’re talking about and oh, by the way, we’re never too busy for your referrals!
We’ve tacked on a big “Thank You” to this message. It’s been two months like we haven’t seen before. Through all our isolation efforts, real estate has chugged along as an essential service and will play a major role in economic recovery once that time comes. As Realtors, we’re grateful to be able to help our clients in need during this time and I have to commend all our colleagues who’ve been working hard to incorporate safety and best practices into our business. If you’re selling or buying, know this includes distancing during showings, liberal use of disinfectant, face masks, gloves and a no-touch approach. Every property we showcase has a virtual tour and showings are often booked a few days in advance. Paperwork disclosures must be signed in advance and the entire process is slower but safer. That is what’s important. Stay safe and stay respectful of all those on the job, no matter what the industry and you’ve heard it said so many times but never enough; THANK YOU to our front-line workers and support staff! They are our true blessings.

--Keith Williams, Broker



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