About Keith Williams & Lisa Follows

The Keith Williams+Lisa Follows team is a dynamic formula for success, marrying the professional business practices of an elite performer with a trail blazing leadership consultant and international entrepreneur. The result? A real estate duet of incomparable value.

Keith, a well known industry titan, is a highly sought after and esteemed member of the Durham Region real estate community. Distinguished among his peers for his exceptional conduct and impressive sales production, Keith has spent the last 2 decades honing his craft of exemplary service to his clients. Celebrated upon national and international stages for sales performance, Keith has been the worthy recipient of countless awards and accolades, including induction into the prestigious RE/MAX Hall of Fame.

Lisa, a master of the universal disciplines of operational leadership and the art of brilliant communication, has integrated her wealth of accumulated experience, talent and entrepreneurship into the Willams+Follows team. With depth of insight, Lisa operates at an utterly authentic level, analyzing and extrapolating the most relevant data from area demographics, buyer migration patterns, economic forces and consumer habits for their buyers and sellers. Utilizing her marketing wizardry, Lisa promotes their properties on the global stage, recognizing the power of leverage in appealing to the influx of foreign investors enjoyed by Canada and taking full advantage of global.remax.com. 

Employing a comprehensive approach to their service platform, Keith and Lisa are equally adept at contract negotiations as they are at staging a home for sale. As  members of the affluent organization ILHM – the Institute for Luxury Home Marketing -- Keith and Lisa are especially well qualified and comfortable working in elite and select markets. However, their consummate commitment to their clients allows them to service every segment of the population that demands the caliber of discretionary guidance, support and advocacy they supply. Keith and Lisa are proud of the business platform that they have developed – one that is client centric, customizable and geared towards lifestyle choices for consumers. Keith and Lisa enjoy piloting a course for their clients that limits their stress and worry and helps them achieve financial stability and wealth within their real estate portfolio. Focusing on risk management and informed decisions, Keith and Lisa invest the time, energy and resources into their precious client relationships. Long term goals and market analytics all play a role in their wise counsel.

Committed to their community, Keith and Lisa are active in a wide variety of charitable endeavours, including WEEMAX Children’s Charities in support of the Paediatric Wing of Lakeridge Health Oshawa.

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